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Pansy shells the Garden Route

Pansy shell (Echinodiscus bisperforatus) – A flat, biscuit-like urchin with two closed slits in the back half of the test (hard outer shell of sea urchins). The short fur-like spines drop off after the animal dies. Tubefeet extend through a … Continue reading

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Abalone (Perlemoen)

Poaching problems need a different approach Abalone (Perlemoen) this creature’s fate seems to be sealed by uncontrolled poaching driven by high demand from Asia. Another African species over-exploited by short sighted human greed. Let’s get innovative and approach problems from … Continue reading

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Personal concierge service

My wife runs a restaurant. It is a Thai restaurant. A small restaurant.  Certainly not the best restaurant in town. But she is serving some of the best food you can get in the area. And to visitors who are … Continue reading

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