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Everything You Need To Know About Celastrus Paniculatus There are so many names that could be used to call celastrus paniculatus; it may be intellect tree, climbing staff vine or a black-oil plant. Basically, the plant is a climbing vine together with white flowers, which is giving way for the seeds that are surrounded by orange yellow or red arils. And these are the kinds of seeds that are used in Unani or Greek medicine as well as Ayuverdic medicine on Indian subcontinent. The seed coats are wrinkled and have unpleasant smell as well. But don’t underestimate it as it is mostly used for ailments and even thought to be an effective aphrodisiac. These seeds are externally used for leprosy, scabies and putrid ulcers. Additionally, they are used to treat beriberi, which is a vitamin B1 deficiency that is often caused by the lack of B-complex vitamins and thiamine. This kind of plant is also associated in boosting memory retention and sharpens the intellect of a person. It was prescribed to students and lawyers throughout years to improve their memory retention skills whether you believe it or not. It extensively grows in Andaman Islands and the Indian subcontinent. The oil from seeds are used in medicine and at times, a stimulant. On the other hand, it has sedative properties and these have been shown in study on rats. The seeds also contain unique constituents and have often been the object for scientific studies. Back in 2004, there are several researchers which commented that the seeds might have the ability to improve memory loss because of its neuro-protective actions.
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Later on, follow up studies published that the plant seed oil can be more effective in people who are suffering impaired cognitively because of organic or chemical brain damage as what compared with the normal subjects. To put it simply, it can help in improving the condition of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers. This study seemed to present that the seed oil could help in relieving stress but more research is also necessary before solidifying these findings.
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It’s been found that celastrus paniculatus could help in halting convulsions and reducing the heart rate in some other studies. On the other hand, there are still no studies conducted on real human subjects. The leaves can also be acquired from this kind of plant is boiled and eaten as vegetables to be able to relieve painful symptoms of menstruation. But some parts of the plants are used widely in traditional medicines are its seed oil and seed. Clearly, there’s another plant, which can help us in fighting towards the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as well as other types of diseases that are known to diminishing cognitive powers.

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