The digital lifestyle

(Update 18/04/20}

One keeps hearing stories about travellers living off their lap top. Everyones dream. But how realistic is it? And I think you will find that there are very few that are doing more than just scraping by.

Like everything else it is not as easy and straight forward as it first appears.

The question that really needs to be asked is whether the net and the digital community have matured to a point where the concept of the remote office is accepted and encouraged.

A day that is yet to come.

Right now it is no more than a fanciful dream for most. And an opportunity that is still waiting to happen. But it is more of an opportunity to open doors to those who have none, rather than would be travellers and sightseers.

The digital age and globalisation has already seen the emergance of freelancing and cost savings through outsoucing. But that has simply been a balancing act between salary expectations in the developed economies with those in less developed markets. A means of cutting costs. Nothing new.

Whereas the internet is a the most powerful personal empowerment tool we have ever known. And once we wake up to the fact that we could, that we as individuals can, that concept of the digital nomad will become an exciting reality.

Driving in the UK

Have almost got used to negotiating my way through all the roundabouts and the fact that flashing lights do not mean proceed at peril. But it is the little yellow signs one sees that are scattered at random that make little sense to me.

It is an English thing.

Deciding where to live

I flew into the UK for the first time in fifty years in a pair of shorts from Thailand . I had an overnight bag and a reservation at the cheapest hotel I had been able to find on the net.

I had also booked a two week stay at a B&B in Bognor Regis.

Bognor for no specific reason other than it is supposed to be a holiday destination and is not quite as intimidating as Brighton.


Supply and demand

Poaching problems need a different approach
Abalone (Perlemoen) this creature’s fate seems to be sealed by uncontrolled poaching driven by high demand from Asia. Another African species over-exploited by short sighted human greed. Let’s get innovative and approach problems from a different angle: In a protest against Rhino horn poaching a man mailed his toenail clippings to the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria, contributions of hair and fingernails would also suffice, Rhino horns are composed almost entirely of keratin, a protein also found in human hair, fingernails and toenails.

So while you’re looking for your nail clippers please think out of the box for a new solution to save our Perlemoen before it’s too late.




Pansy shell (Echinodiscus bisperforatus) – A flat, biscuit-like urchin with two closed slits in the back half of the test (hard outer shell of sea urchins). The short fur-like spines drop off after the animal dies. Tubefeet extend through a petal-like pattern of holes on the upper surface. The animal burrows just below the sand surface in sheltered waters, feeding on fine, organic particles sorted from the sediment. Occurs from Cape Agulhas up the East Coast of Africa.

Pansy shells are protected and should not be picked up or disturbed. Despite which it is something we will all do.

Ask the Locals

My wife runs a restaurant. It is a Thai restaurant. A small restaurant.  Certainly not the best restaurant in town. But she is serving some of the best food you can get in the area. And to visitors who are constantly asking questions, who are planning what they want to do next.

For my part I produce a listings directory. It is a well established print directory that lists our local businesses. I also run an information service. And I am the one who has to try to answer the questions we keep getting asked.

Questions about special interest travel, activity based tours, destinations and accommodation, arrangements, trip reports, reviews, action adventure, volunteer and eco travel.