Driving in the UK

Have almost got used to negotiating my way through all the roundabouts and the fact that flashing lights do not mean proceed at peril. But it is the little yellow signs one sees that are scattered at random that make little sense to me.

It is an English thing.

4 Replies to “Driving in the UK”

  1. Tell me about those roundabouts. I still freeze, much to the annopyance of all the urban commuters zipping around them without a care in the world.

  2. It’s the drivers sitting on their horns to express their pent up frustrations that get to me. Turns me instantly into a snapping, snarling maniac.

  3. Speeding fines, points on ones licence, congestion zones and the penalties that catch the unwary out of towner. Welcome to the first world.

  4. And the parking? Too many people, too many ugly, bulky SUV’s, too many inconsiderate drivers and not enough space to park. Why do these people not understand ? Why do they not care enough to use whatever space they are afforded, as efficiently as possible. They either back in nose to tail making it virtually impossible to move. Or they leave just enough space between them and the next car to ensure no one else can get in.

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