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Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet. I write here about Newcastle restaurants, North East food & drink producers, and food-based events in my favourite city and occasionally beyond.

Newcastle Eats exists only to share my experiences of eating out in Newcastle restaurants with you. The food & drink landscape of this great city has improved enormously over the last decade, and it’s rewarding to see readers try somewhere independent that they might not have otherwise off the back of 500 words and some photos.

I endeavour to not be your typical demographic food-blagger. I’ve been doing this since 2011, and don’t just do shitposts about The Botanist like so many others. It’s not won me many friends, but people usually respect that.

This is my personal site. I work 9-5 in digital marketing, and could probably help you with your online marketing (especially in food & drink).

Current likes: bigger portions of non-fussy food, better availability of better beer, more relaxed dining options. Homebrewing!
Current dislikes: Insta “foodies”/blaggers who say “yummy” a lot, the copy/paste nature of high street chains, awful food trends, a lack of plates. Wine markups!

This is just a two-bit blog, so don’t expect Marina O’Laughlin standard here, and my photos are always unedited, and just shot on an iPhone, in the moment.

Integrity is really fucking important to me, so if you want to question it, get in touch and I would love to voice my opinions.


This site is deeply ingrained in my identity now, and this is what it means to me to write on here each week:

— jeff x Newcastle Eats

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